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277 illustrations include a variety of pre-designed and fully editable Health and Medicine drawings.

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Risks of Inheriting diseaseHow exercise benefits healthUsing contraceptives
Using contraceptivesLooking for abnormal genesLooking for abnormal genes
Looking for abnormal genesLooking for abnormal genesLooking for abnormal genes
Looking for abnormal genesImaging using different techniquesThe human body systems
The human genomeStructure of genetic materialThe role of DNA
Replication of DNAMitosisMeiosis
Sex-linked inheritanceSex-linked inheritanceHow mutations occur
Mutations in eggs and spermTumorsHow cancer starts
Tumor growthHow cancer spreadsHow cancer spreads
How tumors obtain nutrientsCancer - key anatomyInternal radiation - Radioactive implants in the vagina
Internal radiation - Radioactive seeds in the prostatePalliative surgery for cancerPalliative surgery for cancer
Infectious organismsVirusChanges in viruses
How viruses reproduceBacteriaSpirochete
CoccusEffects of toxinsBacterial invasion of a cell
Serious injuries to the bodyDegrees of severity of burnsSkin grafting - Meshed graft
Skin grafting - Pinch graftsParts of a nailSkin and hair
Skin growthSkin repairHair growth
Protection of the skin hair and nailsThermoregulationSkin - anatomy
Formation of acne lesionsSkin biopsyHair structure
Nail structureTransplanted hairsRemoval of an ingrown toenail
How the body moves - straightening armHow the body moves - bending the armThe joint
How bone repairs itselfThe body skeletonTypes of joints
Joint and ligamentHip replacementJoint aspiration
MicrodiskectomyBunion surgeryFractures
FracturesRepairing a broken tibiaTorn knee cartilage
Blood flow through the heartStructure of an arteryCapillary
Structure of a veinStructure of the heartBlood supply to the heart
The heart cycle - DiastoleThe heart cycle - Atrial systoleThe heart cycle - Ventricular systole
Heart valvesRespiratory pump during inhalationMuscular pump
Short-term control of blood pressureLong-term control of blood pressureHow atherosclerosis develops
Coronary angiographyCoronary angioplastyCause of myocardial infarction
Mammary artery bypass graftSaphenous vein bypass graftInsertion of a pacemaker
Heart valve disordersHeart valve disordersHeart valve replacement
Heart transplantHypertrophic cardiomyopathyAneurysm
Dissecting aneurysmFemoral artery bypass graftTreating varicose veins - surgery
Treating varicose veins - injection therapyBlood cellsBlood groups
Blood clottingBlood clottingBlood clotting
Lymph nodePhysical and chemical barriersThe inflammatory response
The antibody immune responseThe cellular immune responseAllergic reactions
Blood cellsBone marrow aspiration and biopsyLymphatic system
SinusesChest wallSection through the trachea
How breathing works - inhalingHow breathing works - exhalingHow breathing is regulated
Exchange of gasesLarynxNose and throat
Endoscopy of the nose and throatDeviated nasal septumMirror laryngoscopy
LungsThe effect of asthma on the airwaysNormal lung
Damaged lungChest tubeBronchoscopy
Nervous system organizationBrain spinal cord and nervesSpinal nerves
Structure of the spinal cordNeuronsConduction of nerve signals
How neurotransmitters workSensory receptors - touchSensory receptors - smell
Sensory receptors - tasteSensory receptors - proprioceptorsVoluntary responses
Autonomic responsesReflexesThe brain map
Motor map of the brainTouch map of the brainLumbar puncture
Cerebral angiographySubdural hemorrhageThe sciatic nerves
Carpel tunnelThe tear apparatusPeristalsis
Chemical breakdownDigestive enzymesDigestive tract
Mouth tongue esophagusStomach and DuodenumUpper digestive tract endoscopy
Liver Gallbladder PancreasLiver transplantEndoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreaetography ECRP
ColonoscopyHow a hernia developsTypes of hernia
Hernia repairColectomyTemporary colostomy
Permanent colostomyBanding hemorrhoidsStructure of the pituitary gland
Pituitary glandStructure of the thyroid and parathyroid glandsThyroid and parathyroid hormones
Structure of the adrenal glandAdrenal hormonesPancreas
Pancreatic hormonesHow the body uses foodThyroid and parathyroid glands
Needle aspiration of the thyroid glandLength of the urethraHow a nephron makes urine
How urination is controlledKidneyHow dialysis works
Undergoing peritoneal dialysisUndergoing hemodialysisKidney transplant
BladderVideo urodynamic studiesStress incontinence
Urethral catheterizationSuprapubic catheterizationCystoscopy
Male reproduction systemMale reproduction systemTestes Scrotum and Penis
Epididymal cystsTorsion of the testisHydrocele
VasectomyMale reproductive systemCircumcision
Prostate enlargementPartial prostatectomyProstate gland biopsy
Radical prostatectomyFemale reproductive systemFemale reproductive system
Menstrual cycleBreastFemale reproductive system
Endometrial samplingLaparoscopyTubal ligation
HysteroscopyRetroverted uterusProlapse of the uterus and vagina
HysterectomyCervical erosionPap test
Treating cervical dysplasiaBreastAspiration of a breast lump
LumpectomyMastectomySexual intercourse
Sperm journeyEgg and spermArtificial insemination
In-vitro fertilizationGIFT and ZIFT replacement methodsFrom egg to embryo
PregnancyMultiple pregnancyThe first signs of labor
Delivery of the babyDelivery of the babyDelivery of the placenta
Preparing for lactationThe uterus returns to normalPregnancy
Chorionic villus samplingAmniocentesisEctopic pregnancy
Cervical incompetenceInduction of labor - insertion of a suppositoryInduction of labor - Rupture of membranes
Placenta previaPlacental abruptionPregnancy
BreechOccipitoposteriorFetal monitoring
EpisiotomyVacuum suction deliveryForceps delivery
Uterus after deliveryBreast after deliverySucking position
Change shape from birth to adulthoodLong bone of a newborn babyLong bone of a child
Long bone of an adult
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