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Illustration Toolkit Molecular Cell Biology   Illustration Toolkit -
Molecular Cell Biology

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412 illustrations include a variety of pre-designed and fully editable Molecular Cell Biology drawings.

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Programmed cell death during animal developmentDifferent forms of cell deathSurvival of motor neurons is regulated by the amount of target tissue
Neurotrophins and their receptorsCaspase activation by the extrinsic and intrinsic pathwaysMolecular model for the activation of procaspase-9 by Apaf-1
Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase PI3K-Akt signaling pathwayRaf-Mitogen-activated protein kinase MEK Extracellular signal-regulated kinase ERK pathwayA simple intracellular signaling pathway
Cell surface receptorIntracellular receptorIntracellular signaling - Contact-dependent
Intracellular signaling - ParacrineIntracellular signaling - SynapticIntracellular signaling - Endocrine
Autocrine signaling - a single signaling cellAutocrine signaling - group signaling cellsSignaling via a gap junction
Cell dependence on multiple extracellular signals - SurviveCell dependence on multiple extracellular signals - DivideCell dependence on multiple extracellular signals - Differentiate
Cell dependence on multiple extracellular signals - DieVarious responses induced by acetylcholine - skeletal muscle cellVarious responses induced by acetylcholine - heart muscle cell
Various responses induced by acetylcholine - salivary gland cellNitric oxide in smooth muscle relaxationNuclear receptor superfamily - DNA-binding domain
Cell surface receptors - Ion channel linked receptorsCell surface receptors - G-protein linked receptorsCell surface receptors - Enzyme linked receptors
Cell surface receptors - Enzyme linked receptorsA signaling pathway from a cell surface receptor to the nucleusSignaling by phosphorylation
Signaling by GTP-binding proteinSignaling integrationSignaling integration
Intracellular signaling complexesIntracellular signaling complexesInactivation mechanisms - Receptor sequestration
Inactivation mechanisms - Receptor down-regulationInactivation mechanisms - Receptor inactivationInactivation mechanisms - Inactivation of signaling protein
Inactivation mechanisms - Production of inhibitory proteinG-protein activationG-protein activation and inactivation
Activation of cAMP dependent protein kinase - PKAActivation of cAMP and gene transcriptionInositol phospholipid pathway
Mechanisms of maintaining calcium level in the cytoplasmActivation of CaM-kinase IIRole of G-protein-linked receptor kinase
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