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Illustration Toolkit Molecular Cell Biology   Illustration Toolkit -
Molecular Cell Biology

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Ready to Use and Fully Editable Molecular Cell Biology Illustrations for Presentations and Publications

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Set: 412 Editable Illustrations
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412 illustrations include a variety of pre-designed and fully editable Molecular Cell Biology drawings.

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RACE-rapid amplification of cDNA endsSI nuclease mappingExon trapping
RNA interferenceFusion with liposome to deliver double-stranded RNA into a human cellRNA interference with C elegans
Functional analysis by gene overexpressionSite-directed mutagenesisImmunocytochemistry
SAGETranscriptome analysis with a small genomeMicroarray analysis of a large genome
Studying a proteome by 2-D gel electrophoresis followed by MALDI-TOFPhage displayFluorescence recovery after photobleaching-FRAP
Gel retardation analysisDNase I footprintingThe DMS modification protection assay
The DMS modification interference assayPurifying a DNA-binding protein-affinity chromatographyPurifying a DNA-binding protein-clone library
The basis of NMR spectroscopyThe Meselson-Stahl experimentThe Meselson-Stahl experiment-predicted results
Replication of the yeast genome-microarray analysisMutation detection-allele-specific oligonucleotide-ASO hybridizationMonoclonal antibodies
Protein purification and characterization-column chromatographyIon-exchange chromatographyGel-filtration chromatography
Affinity chromatographySDS-PAGEFlow cytometry
Fluorescence activated cell sorting - FACSSeparating chromosomes by flow CytometryDifferential centrifugation
Rate-zonal centrifugation versus equilibrium density gradient centrifugationMicrodissection techniquesThe production of hybrid cells
Separation of protein molecules by isoelectric focusingImmunoprecipitationChromatin immunoprecipitation
Fluorescence resonance energy transfer-FRETGene-targeted knockout miceTransgenic mice
DNA double helixDNA replicationmRNA
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